Our mission: education for everyone

Alucation aims to provide universal and equal access to basic education to everyone. We plan to accomplish this goal by providing a free and open multilingual video platform to guarantee equal and fair access to educational resources, independent of reading level and foreign language proficiency. We believe in the value of education and its power to maximize the potential of every individual to provide better opportunities. Based on alugha’s technology (our parent company), alucation grants eager learners, students, and teachers access to thousands of multilingual videos.
Our topics aim to include different learning levels and methods. Our platform offers free access to multilingual educational videos produced by excellent online educators such as Khan Academy, SimpleShow and FuseSchool.

Combining education, languages & technology

Alucation is an education content pilot project powered by alugha technology. The perfect symbiosis of entertaining and educational content by highly acclaimed producers leveraging cutting edge technology to multiply their reach and make their content accessible to the global audience for the very first time.
Times change behavior, especially in the world of education. Technology has taken a major role in forming early and lifelong learners. Today, students all around the world can watch videos and gather knowledge about any topic in school or outside of school. Video is the perfect inclusivity tool for all lifelong learning. It knows no age, gender, social status, or, thanks to alucation, language barrier.

The 3 pillars of alucation:



At the heart of the alucation project are the educational content and its creators. To build up a vast content portfolio spreading a wide range of essential topics, we partnered with popular and renowned tutors and independent content creators. However, to jumpstart the project we utilized the huge pool of high-quality Creative Common educational material, and finally made it accessible for the benefit of the whole world.


Expanding knowledge with languages. Together with our technology partner alugha, we tackled the problem that is at the core of educational translation: the prohibitive costs. Leveraging the dubbr, alugha's online tool for video translation and multilingual voice over creation, the costs of translating a video are reduced significantly. The combination of the alugha player and video platform makes sure that education is globally accessible and easy to share.


Accessibility of content: hosting and sharing videos. A community of highly engaged philanthropists, altruists and (donors/patrons) makes an impact by scouting for content, supporting in the translation process, and donating their voice.

Our technology partner: alugha

Alugha is the only video platform worldwide that enables you to publish one video in several languages without having to use subtitles and overlays. Alugha's technology makes it possible to combine all the languages in the world into one single video and publish it on one’s website and many platforms like Twitter or Medium, and the multilingual video platform alugha.com.
With alugha producers can easily save a lot of resources - up to 95% in all areas (traffic, storage, time, energy…) - and at the same time, the video can be much more prominent and successful. alugha translation toolkit offers:
Encoding & Hosting
Multi-track player
Multilingualization tool: the dubbr
Community features

You can be part of the education revolution

Become part of the alucation movement by helping in the multilingualization process of educational videos. Positively impact millions of lives by simply transcribing, translating, or dubbing educational videos.