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Alucation is an education reach out project powered by alugha, a multilingual platform and an online dubbing tool. The name of the project is a combination of our founding company and the word education, aligning both of our passions: multilingual videos and inclusive education. Furthermore, it refers to the distribution of education in every language and to every corner of the world.

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We believe in the value of education and its power to maximize the potential of every individual to provide better opportunities. Based on alugha’s technology (our parent company), alucation grants eager learners, students, and teachers access to thousands of multilingual videos.
Since the beginning of the project, alugha has covered all costs, which include hosting, storage, encoding, streaming, traffic, alucation platform development, and transcribing, translating, recording, and publishing every video.
To expand the project and to make education truly global, alugha plans to accept patrons, which would participate directly in making a positive impact on education.

How does it work?

Once your company has decided to support the philanthropic multilingual project, for example by sponsoring math videos, a simple invoice will be issued. The invoice can be deducted as a regular business expense, as well as VAT. The donation will directly go to a dedicated account for alucation, providing full transparency and accountability to our patrons.
The funds will then be directed and used for the multilingualization process as well as the maintenance of the platform.

What will you support?

We publish only top-quality hand-picked videos from Creative Commons producers, aligning ourselves with their cause for equal and fair access to educational resources. All videos published on the platform contain at least two additional languages, granting access to millions of eager learners all around the globe.
Through sponsorship, you offer eager learners the opportunity to learn and understand school topics better and change the course of their lives and the lives of their families. Our content portfolio offers videos from Khan Academy, FuseSchool, SimpleShow, NASA, and more.
Alugha covers all costs for storing, streaming, and maintaining the alucation platform. As a patron, you will support the project, plus the overall cost of transcribing, translating, dubbing and publishing a video, which adds up to approximately $30 per minute.

How do I become a sponsor?

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