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What if the Mongol Empire Reunited Today?

The Mongol Empire at its height took up 16% of all the land on Earth and controlled 1 out of every 4 people on the planet, a 13th century superpower. It's presence was very brief compared to other empires, but what if the Mongol Empire was suddenly recreated today with the same borders they had at t


Leveraging education, language and technology to impact the world

Technology has taken education to new realms. Today, students all around the world can watch videos and gather knowledge about any topic in school or outside of school. However, access to most educational portals is limited by language barriers. Educational material in the students' native languages is fundamental for a lot of students to fully understand a topic. Just picture this: a kid is having trouble with math, algebra is hard enough and no explanation has gotten through. He found the perfect video but it's only in English... this is the gap in providing information that raises barriers and prevents easy learning. And this is what we are fighting against using a combination of three factors:


A video platform focusing on making education accessible to a global audience. It's the hub for the curious around the world who want to explore scientific topics presented by world-renowned teachers and content creators in their preferred language.


Alugha is the parent company and technology provider of the alucation project. Since 2014, alugha has been offering content creators a multilingual platform to reach their global audience. Since 2020, the alugha platform has been offering a toolkit for cost-efficient video translation and voice-overs. These tools are combined in the alucation framework to drastically lower the localization costs of educational videos and to engage an international altruistic community to participate in the alucation project.

Education videos

Educational video content is at the heart of the alucation project. As the chosen medium for knowledge transfer, videos bring the benefit of engaging the student visually and aurally. Videos translated into the mother tongue of the student are also the most inclusive medium possible. While subtitles are great for broadening the reach of a video, they still exclude blind and reading impaired students. We use Creative Commons, which is a type of license that allows users to transform and share content freely.

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Mobile learning

Everything online, available at any time and on any device. Fit your learning schedule to your needs with our versatile online platform. Access alucation video library for a quick lesson at home, on the go or wherever you are.

Multilingual inclusive content

With different language tracks and subtitles in every video we want to make sure that the content is accessible to anyone, no matter their place of origin or native language. Learning without language barriers is the best way to approach and master any topic.

Complimentary alugha account

When you create an alucation account, you will also receive an alugha (our parent company) account free of charge. The account allows you to create your own profile, keep track of the videos you watch, add videos to watchlists and many other great things.