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World Poetry Day

Poetry is a beautiful form of expression! #WorldPoetryDay is celebrated on March 21 every year and aims to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression. Let’s promote the reading, writing, teaching and publishing of poetry, starting with this short explainer video! Transcript: alugha Cli

Summer Solstice Celebrations

The Summer solstice marks the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This time of the year many countries celebrate the start of summer. Our video explains how the Summer solstice is celebrated in Europe. #summersolstice #explainervideos #celebrations Transcript: alugha Click here to

Homeless Animals Day

Today more and more animals are ending up on our streets, where they reproduce and create even more homeless animals. Pets depend on humans for love, food, water, veterinary care, shelter, and safety. International Homeless Animals Day falls every third Saturday in August. The aim is to spread aware

4 Types of Narcissists You'll Encounter in Life

When we think of a narcissist, we think of someone who is self-absorbed and has little to no empathy for others. If you know someone who might be showing narcissistic tendencies, and want to learn more about which category of narcissism they fall under, this video can provide more awareness. The fou

Columbus’ Discoveries

On August 3rd, 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail from Palos, Spain, with three ships seeking a westerly route to the Far East. His voyages revealed two continents new to Europeans and initiated a period of rapid exploration. Our video explains this discovery. #ChristopherColumbus #columbus #discov

International Literacy Day

September 8 is International Literacy Day. Literacy is vital for self-esteem, functionality, and career advancement. This video sheds light on the issue and clarifies what we can do to increase global literacy. #literacy #internationalliteracyday #literacyday #simpleshowfoundation Transcript: alugh

International Plastic Bag Free Day

This video looks at International Plastic Day, which happens on July 3. The aim is to eliminate the use of plastic bags. These are a huge strain on the environment, and it can take up to 500 years for plastic bags to disintegrate. Our video shows just how easily humans use and discard plastic bags.

How Childhood Trauma Distort Your Perception on Life

Some people experience trauma at an early age and robs them of this sense of safety and security, and they often grow up to carry that trauma with them well into their adulthood. Defined as “the experience of a single or multiple events by a child that is emotionally painful or distressful,” studie

7 Things People Say When They Like You

People say a lot of weird and wonderful things, especially when they are interested in you. Do you know someone in mind? Disclaimer: (This video is for educational purposes and is partly based on personal opinions. This article is not a substitute for professional advice, but general guidance. We

HIDDEN DEPRESSION: 5 Signs You're Smiling, But Depressed

A key component of depression is feeling significantly sad and down. As such, if you have been smiling often, other people may not have suspected that you may be struggling with depression— and you may not have realized it, either. Even if you have been smiling and acting cheerful, have you also b

5 Lesser-Known Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a disorder rampant world over. With so much information available about this mental disorder, one would think they know everything there is to know. But surprisingly there are still areas regarding depression that are quite obscure. Many resources simply list symptoms of depression. Mo