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5 Surprisingly Harmful Habits

Self-improvement is not a new phenomenon for human beings. It’s been shown in advertising commercials and just generally seeing people living “better” lives than us. But the self-improvement culture can make us feel disempowered like we should be someone else. Watch this video to know why. Disclai

What is your Love Style? (QUIZ)

Do you know your love style? Love is an intense feeling of affection. It can be quite complex, as you may love certain people and things differently. As that definition can be quite ambiguous, there are further love classifications you may have. Also known as, love styles. Take the quiz below to

How to Know if Someone Secretly Likes You (6 signs)

Do you know someone who is really shy? Have you ever wondered if they’re interested in you in a romantic way? People who are shy often struggle to show that they are attracted to someone. They may find it even nerve-wracking sometimes to approach the person they like. This can cause them to send mix

alugha Points | Neudahn castle

The ruins of Neudahn Castle are located high up on a rocky spur in the Dahner Felsenland. But the strenuous climb is worth it! From the top you have a great view over the Moosbach valley. If you don't like it so steep, you can also choose a slightly longer, but flatter way up. 🗺️ Address: Neudahne